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Promote Your Blog By Writing Articles

When I first started my blog, I had zero traffic. Besides some friends and mostly family it was hard to get people to visit. I began to research other options that might allow me to start getting traffic. I come in contact with so many people who are really intelligent in many areas. Why not write articles about the things that you are good at?

Do you like to garden? You can write articles about how to garden, and what you love about it. There are millions of people that search the Internet looking for information about any and everything. How many times do you use google a day, for all different type of questions you want the answers to? Each time you click on a link to read the article, check out the bio of the writer. You might be surprised that he or she could be stay at home mom or dad or may have just been effected by the recession. Retirees and many other people are writing articles everyday, and earning nicely from it.

Writing articles generates traffic to your blog or website, and with some sites you can create backlinks which can boost your search engine ranking.

Backlinks are links that direct readers back to your site. In addition to getting paid to write articles, some social sites allow you to have Google AdSense and many other affiliates which gives you even more opportunities to earn money.  When you submit articles it is important not to duplicate the content onto your blog or website. Google will penalize you for duplicate content.

Here is a list of Social Sites that you can start with that pay you to promote your blog.

  1. Redgage
  2. Xomba
  3. Infobarrel
  4. Bukisa
  5. Associated Content
  6. Triond
  7. Helium
  8. Hubpages
  9. Squidoo
  10. Wikinut
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