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RedGage Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

In my previous articles I have explored a few ways that you can make money online. A couple of weeks ago I was using StumpleUpon and I stumbled on to a website called Redgage is a website that will pay you for your blog posts,articles,photos and videos. As long as the content is original you can post it. This works great if you write articles for multiple websites, run a blog, or website.

A friend of mine takes beautiful photographs. He's looking to eventually earn money from these photos. RedGage has really helped him gain that exposure. With one click he uploaded all of his photos from his flickr account and it really took off from there.  RedGage is simple and easy and does not require alot of maintenance. 

RedGage like many other sites are based on page views. You earn money based on how many people have viewed your content. What's the bonus? All of your content is in one place.  RedGage also allows you to import your content from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.
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