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FREE 10$!

$10 BONUS when you join and redeem within 7 days!
One of the BEST money back apps for making purchases both In-Store and now online!! 
*Reminder, in order to receive your bonus, you must complete 1 offer within 7 days of downloading the app. I suggest downloading it when you plan on shopping!

Brief Breakdown of Ibotta:

Ibotta is a free App that gives you cash back for items you purchase.

1. Download IBOTTA >You can also sign up on a desktop or mobile device with the link.
2. Click on rebates for items your going to purchase. This can range from food, electronics, clothing and even Liquor!  For those of you that throw that annual super bowl party, you could get half your money back on with a lot of the rebates they have. . 
3. Once you total $20 you can cash out immediately to Paypal or Venmo. You can also choose from a variety of gift cards! 
4. Sign up through Facebook and get the TeamWork Bonus! When your Facebook friends post their receipts and get paid, this adds to the monthly bonus you can receive if you make the goal.

7 Useful Websites

Here are some websites that will save you Time & Money

A website that track hundreds of grocery coupons and emails them to you according to what you have saved on your grocery list. No more hunting the web for coupons.

Unroll Me will unsubscribe you from all that junk email that you get when you don't have the time to do it yourself. I have cleared out half of my Gmail inbox already! 

Mathway is a website that will help you solve those pesky math problems that your kids bring home and need help with. The tool will show how to solve the problem and also what steps to take to get the answers 

Do you love the sound of rain and thunderstorms? Try this site, and don't forget to turn your speakers up!

Can't remember how that song went? Maybe you can hum or sing a line of it but that's it. Well Midomi let's you hum or sing part of a song and it will help you search for the song.

By entering in a URL, this website will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and the link never expires. It works great to when your posting links on Twitter.

NameChk can be used to search for the availability of username on over 100 different sites. This is great if you can't remember every site you may have signed up for or you want to brand your name by making sure can sign up for all of those sites with the same username. This is a great saver on time.



Starbucks has a little-known perk for members of its rewards program: Free refills on brewed and iced coffee, and on brewed tea, regardless of your original order. Don't throw away your cup! Read the official policy.

Here are some other cool tips that can score some stuff if your low on cash.

'Poor man's latte'
If you want an iced latte, but don't have enough money to get it, You can order the espresso over ice in a big cup, walk over to the condiment bar and use the carafes of whole milk, half and half and nonfat. 
Keep your Starbucks cup and bring it back at any time for 50-cent coffee refills.
Bring your own reusable cup and Starbucks will take off 10 cents off the price in recognition of you being Eco-friendly. 
You can also use their Wi-Fi for up to 2 hours to connect online.
Use their free (for two hours) Wi-Fi to answer email, surf and connect online.