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How To Apply For A McDonald's Scholarship

McDonald's offers a scholarship for 2,500.00 to one student from each state (including the District of Columbia) every year. Learn to how apply below.

Working your way through college part-time or full-time can be expensive. If your employed at McDonald's you are already on your way to possibly obtaining a scholarship to help pay for school. If your a student who excels in your studies, helps out in your community, has a great work ethic, and is employed at McDonald's this might be the step for you.

Every year McDonald's chooses one student from each state to receive a 2,500.00 scholarship to use in any field that you may want to study. If you are chosen for this scholarship, it may also open the doors for you to apply for other community service scholarships.

One student is chosen from each state and the District of Columbia. Those who apply and win must be currently employed by McDonald's. They also need to have been employed by McDonald's

for four continuous months prior to the date of application. All applicants must work a minimum of 15 hours a week at a U.S. McDonald's. They also should be high school seniors at the time of application who are seeking a degree or training at a qualified, accredited institution. The scholarships can also be useful if you are continuing your education. Scholarship winners are allowed to choose any field of study.

Applying for a scholarship can seem tedious and overwhelming. Take your time and read through all the materials carefully. Research how the past winners were selected, so you can get an idea of what they are looking for.
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