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Earn Money Writing For InfoBarrel

I enjoy writing and I'm always looking for sites that allow you to earn income by writing articles and such. InfoBarrel is one of those great sites. You have the option to write articles, how to's, submit videos, write overviews and comment on other user's articles.   The thing that sets Info Barrel apart is their pay structure. Info Barrel gives you 75% of the google AdSense revenue created from your articles. That is more than alot of other websites allow you to earn. InfoBarrel Members not only get to have their content visible to the entire Internet, but you can also make money writing as well.

Write articles and build quality back links, so that you get the most traffic possible. The more traffic you drive to your content, the more opportunities you have of making money online. You will get paid per ad click with each of these programs so use keywords to make sure that your ads are relevant to your content.

InfoBarrel has 4 different templates that you can use to bring your writing to life.  Once the article is reviewed, (which takes about 12-24 hours) your article will be "live" and you will be able to see the ads in the article that you posted.  Sign up Here to Start Earning!
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