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Squidoo Can Build Traffic

Squidoo is a community website that allow it's users to create lenses of any and everything.  A lens is your point of view on any topic that you want to care about. It's an easy and fun way to share your interests and websites.  Lenses are similar to blog posts but with Squidoo you can bring those blog posts to life by building it.  You don't have to be a technical person to use Squidoo. Your lens can be about your life,kids,family,friends,school,blog,website,business,facebook pages,and the list goes on and on. The best part whatever you choose to make your lenses about you can earn money just for doing what you love.  Still can't decide? Check out this article 49 Ideas for Awesome Lenses

You Can Generate Income & Traffic
You have a few options on where you can have your money applied to. You can have 100% go to a charity, split it between yourself and a charity, or keep all of it.  You can also sell from different stores  that's listed such as eBay,cafepress,amazon and lots more. When people click on your items and purchase items you can earn royalties on those sales. If you are registered as an eBay seller you can list and earn royalties on your own items.  Squidoo can provide alot of value to your blogs and websites.                              

 Just to give Squidoo a try I created this lens Earn Money Writing Articles Online.  You can sign up for Squidoo here.
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