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Make Money Using Twitter

Twitter has become increasingly popular within the last year. Many blogger's use it a major platform to make money. It's not surprising that advertisers would eventually want a piece in this successful market.

There is a site called SponsoredTweets that advertisers use to advertise major brands. This is where you come in.  Advertisers pay you in exchange for tweeting about their product or service. If you accept an offer your are paid within 24 hours of your tweet. Once your account reaches fifty dollars, you are able to cash out. You also get what's called opportunities sent to you in your inbox, which allows you to choose the advertisers that you want to sponsor.  You have the option to accept or reject any offer that's sent to you.  You can also set the price that you want to charge for your tweets. Advertisers do have the right to reject or accept your offers.

If you don't have a twitter account, you can sign up here.

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