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Easy Rewards With SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a free website that rewards you with points for searching the internet, referring friends & family, turning in old cell phones and ipods, and much more.

1. First sign up for Swagbucks at the link above.

2. Add the toolbar. It's great for helping you to search and SwagBucks rewards you for installing it as well!

3.Refer your friends & family. Everytime they search and win so do you. You also get a 100 Swagbucks for every 100th SwagBuck they earn.

4. If you have old video game systems, video games or cell phones, they can earn you points if your willing to part with those items.

You can also find swagbuck codes on twitter and facebook. Facebook is another excellent way to get referrals. Everytime I win SwagBucks I post the notice to my twitter and facebook pages. That alone has started me earning me referrals.

You can use Swagbucks toward all types of prizes and gift cards. I find it alot easier to give out giftcards. It not only saves on time but allows your friends & family to really get what they want. With SwagBucks I can easily earn those rewards and so can you.

You can refer someone to SwagBucks using your referral link and get banners to post to your blog or webisite. You can also send them an email directly from SwagBucks.

You can also import all of your contacts to be invited from your AOL, Gmail, MSN, or Yahoo account.

Good Luck!
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